A Process Mindset

More from the ‘Evolved Technologist’…

Process is the focus because it is the most effective way to express what everyone in an organization should be doing in a way that connects the highest-level strategy to the actions of each individual.  Well-defined processes that are communicated widely in an organization require less management.  Individual decision-making takes place in the context of what is coming before and what will happen afterward.

Departments purchase software that meets their needs and creates silos of information – finance has their ERP, Sales has their CRM, and Engineering has their PLM.  The need for integration and optimization quickly became evident.

The change in mindset looks like this…

*       From application focus to Process focus

*       From business intelligence to Process intelligence

*       From performance metrics to Performance Management

*       From support organization to Service organization

My Thoughts…

The transformation from application focus to process focus reminds me of engineers that are used to designing in 2 dimensions that now have to think in 3 dimensions.

Document management people, for example, are used to managing documents.  Some have told me that they just manage the document.  But, when you think about it – they are really managing the results of a process.  A document is the latest released document because it passed through a process to get that designation.  Managing a document isn’t about the document management software; it is about the process the document passed through.

Moving up to the 50,000 foot level…

If a process is a collection of related, structured activities [a chain of events] that produce a service or product.  AND, a company is a collection of processes that encompass all of a company’s activities between the time they quote a price until they deliver and receive cash.  THEN, a company’s processes should be the center of their focus. 


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