Expectations from BPM…

Another look at cost cutting from a Dennis Byron Article…

A BPM vendor surveyed their customer base recently.  In the survey, they asked how their customers expected BPM to help them survive the current recession.

  •        Increase employee productivity
  •        Gain greater control and visibility
  •        Lower costs
  •        Reduce risk
  •        Identify underutilized overhead
  •        Be more agile and positioned for market rebound

The first 2 answers were given by more than half of the respondents and the rest were identified by less than half.

My Thoughts…

These companies are looking to BPM to cut costs rather than just arbitrarily ‘laying off’ employees.   

Increasing Employee Productivity

  • Business processes usually contain non-value added activities.  Removing these activities allow employees to perform more of the value added activities each day.
  • Analysis of your business processes can show that there are more efficient ways to perform these value added activities.  Some of these may even be performed by software.  Again, employees can perform more of the value added activities each day.

Gain Greater Control and Visibility

  • BPM software should provide rules for escalation.  This allows business line managers to dictate how long a process should take [control].  If steps are not completed on time, escalation Emails will be sent.
  • BPM software should provide visibility.  Employees should be able to track activities within a process with the click of a mouse.  You should always know the status of any process.  If one appears to be late, you have the opportunity to throw more resources at it to get it back on schedule.

I see Process Management [improvement] as the best place to look to cut costs.  I believe that this discipline should be followed in good times as well as bad times. 

I see all of the ‘fat and happy’ companies falling on hard times and wonder – ‘If they were more efficient [and disciplined to be efficient], would they be hurting as bad now?


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