BPM Delivers…

From a Gartner Article titled “Justifying BPM Projects”…

 – Organizations had more than 90% success rates on their BPM projects
 – Successful projects had no less than 10% internal rate of return
 – 78% had more than 15% [a few ‘wild numbers’ exceeded 100%]
 – 77% of the projects had returns greater than $100k per project
 – 55% of the projects had returns in the $100k – $500k range
 – 80% of the respondents felt an increase in competitive advantage

They point to 3 categories of results:

Efficiency – Eliminate manual data entry; Reduce process cycle times; and Reduce manual analysis and routing

Effectiveness – Handle exceptions faster and better; Make better decisions; and Consistent execution

Agility – Faster regulatory compliance; and Support new business models

My Thoughts…

The results of their survey aren’t surprising.  I have actually seen a couple of the ‘wild numbers’ that they talk about.

Regarding the competitive advantage – I wrote an article on business process management a few years ago pointing out that your company’s business processes could be your competitive advantage.  My expectations are that any improvements to high value processes could be your competitive advantage.

To me, all three categories above are pointing to increased employee productivity.  If a company is more efficient, they should produce more goods/services with fewer resources.  And, increased productivity can contribute to lower costs and higher revenues.

I know of at least one company where their sales people will bring in their prospects to show them how efficient their processes are.  They use their efficiency as a customer benefit.

You can too…


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