Benefits of BPM – Another View

IDG Research Services recently surveyed 400 IT executives.

They were asked, ‘Which business benefits did you derive by using BPM software in your past and current BPM initiatives?’ The top responses: 46% saw increased productivity; 46% saw reduced operating costs; and 45% say they experienced improved quality of services or products.

In addition, some of the respondents (26%0 say their BPM initiatives have delivered a higher business innovation rate.

My Thoughts…

I know that managing business processes can be a daunting task. It crosses departmental boundaries and most people are not fond of change. However, it is extremely important to the success of your company and I want to stress that most companies that have undertaken BPM projects are very happy that they did.

This IDG survey supports my thoughts

Managing your high value processes leads to decreased costs, increased revenues and improved customer relationships [the Triple Crown of business].

Decreased Costs – By eliminating non-value added tasks; automating some activities; redesigning some activities; and eliminating some activities you will decrease costs [and improve productivity].

Increased Revenues – If you can produce more widgets [services] in less time, then you have the capacity to increase volume [revenues]. Further, it will be easier and take less time for your company to respond to changing customer demands.

Improved Customer Relationships – Shortening lead times and being more responsive to customer demands will be good for the customer. Managing the processes more effectively that interact with your customer will improve your customer relationships.

And, if you decrease costs, increase revenues and improve customer relationships – the results will show increased profits.

Your Thoughts…

Does this make sense? If not, why not?

If it does make sense, is your company looking into improving their processes?

Process Management – Keeping it Real!

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