The New Efficiency

From a Steve Ballmer Executive Email…

In all the talk about the economy, one term that comes up more and more frequently is something called “the new normal.” I like this phrase because it speaks to the fact that economic reality has undergone a fundamental shift over the course of the past 12 months.

I believe the new normal requires a new kind of efficiency built on technology innovations that enable businesses and organizations to simultaneously drive cost savings, improve productivity, and speed innovation.

In the new normal, one thing is clear: cutting costs is extremely important. But cost cutting by itself is not a long-term winning strategy. To build a sustainable competitive advantage, companies must ultimately do two things- increase productivity and find ways to deliver new value to customers.

My Thoughts…

In my last several blogs, I have been writing about the benefits of managing business processes.  I stated that effectively managing processes leads to decreased costs, increased revenues and improved customer relationships [the Triple Crown of business].

Steve Ballmer’s Email supports my premise [even though Microsoft may take different routes to achieve success].

My Route…

Eliminate non-value added tasks; automate some activities; redesign some activities; and eliminate some activities – you will decrease costs [and improve productivity]. 

Produce more widgets [services] in less time and you will have the capacity to increase volume [and revenue]. 

Shorten lead times and be more responsive to your customer’s demands.  Manage the processes more effectively that interact with your customer from their point of view – improving your customer relationships. 

Build your sustainable competitive advantage – increase productivity and find ways to deliver new value to your customers…

Your Thoughts…

How is your company addressing the ‘new normal’?

Process Management – Keeping it Real!


One thought on “The New Efficiency

  1. Sounds like “lean thinking” to me. My time spent marketing business software to manufacturers was very educational. I apply the same principles to my marketing programs and teams. The purpose of marketing is to make money, not to run campaigns.

    All the best!


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