Business Benefits of BPM

IDG Research Services recently surveyed 400 IT executives: 100 in the U.S., 100 in Europe, and 200 in Asia-Pacific. Interestingly, when asked, ‘Which business benefits did you derive by using BPM software in your past and current BPM initiatives,’ most world wide respondents ranked reduced operating costs and improved productivity as their top responses and 26% of the global sample also reported a higher innovation rate.

Being able to achieve BPM objectives will ultimately result in significant organization-wide business benefits. Many respondents cite value such as increased productivity [46%], reduced operating costs [46%] and an improved quality of services or products [45%].

In addition, some of the respondents [26%] say their BPM initiatives have delivered a higher business innovation rate…

My Thoughts…

Some have told me that they believe that BPM efforts could increase productivity and could reduce operating costs, but that their company is hesitant to spend the money. This survey shows that many companies spent the money and about half of them saw increased productivity and reduced operating costs.

I have said this before – in this down economy, some companies will fail and some will succeed. If you want to be one that will succeed, shouldn’t you look to increase productivity and reduce operating costs?

A company is a collection of processes. Most people would agree that if you cease to perform non value added activities within those processes, you will reduce costs. And, if you improve how those processes work, you can increase productivity. And, the more efficient your company is, the more time it will have for innovation.

I see efficiency and innovation as key ingredients to success and your competitive advantage…

Your Thoughts…

How will your company succeed?

Keeping it Real!


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