Business Drivers of BPM

From BPM for Dummies… 

The pressures on organizations and enterprises around the world are increasing. Markets are crowded; margins are squeezed. New challenges pop up seemingly overnight on all fronts. Believe it or not, BPM can help you improve your offerings in all of the following categories:

• Globalization
• Productivity
• Innovation
• Compliance
• Information Overload
• The changing nature of people and work
• Customer First

 This list is not meant to be exhaustive but representative.

My Thoughts…

In this down economy, some companies will fail and some will succeed. If you want to be one that will succeed, I believe that you will need to address all of these issues.

Globalization – People are searching the globe to find advantages in cost, quality and innovation.  Competition can come from any continent.

Productivity – All companies must produce more goods and/or services in less time to remain competitive.

Innovation – Make time for innovation to remain or move to the top.

Compliance – Regulatory requirements are costly and typically don’t add value.

Information overload – The world is data rich and information poor. You must find ways to turn data into information.

The changing nature of people and work – To reach higher levels of productivity and performance requires new approaches.

Customer First – This is so important. If you don’t put your customer first, your customer is not likely to put you first. Existing customers is the cheapest, easiest avenue to new business.

Business process management is an effective tool for addressing all of these issues. Today is the right time to manage your business processes to increase revenues, lower costs and improve customer relationships.

Your Thoughts…

What are you waiting for?

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