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The value propositions of BPM are extensive.  All corners of the enterprise can reap benefits from BPM.  Here are just a few:

Automation – Increased productivity, consistency, reduction in errors, maximized customer satisfaction and compliance.

Agility – Faster response time to issues, faster to develop solutions, faster turnaround times.

Visibility – Tracing individual business transactions throughout the entire process, drilling down into sub-processes and seeing the process through the perspective of any particular role.

Collaboration – Alignment and participation [especially between IT and business].

Governance – BPM ensures policies of use and re-use are followed, and provides oversight to tasks and the flow of work.

My Thoughts…

I can’t agree more with the above list.  If you haven’t addressed business process management, you might have a story like this…

The chief legal counsel at a good sized company was telling me that he really didn’t like it when a sales representative would ask him where a certain contract was.  This made him uncomfortable, because he didn’t know the answer.  And, it wasn’t easy to find the answer.

They actually hired an attorney to act as a program manager.  His tasks included making sure that contracts were completed on time and providing reports [visibility] on all of the contracts moving through the company.  There was no automation or agility.  There was limited visibility with some collaboration.  And, any compliance was manual.

After a successful BPM implementation, the situation would be different.  The attorney acting as a program manager would be performing legal tasks.  Contracts would be completed on time or someone would know why not.  Visibility into the status of contracts would be at your fingertips.  Collaboration would be enabled and encouraged.  You would be able to see any bottlenecks and address those issues.  The chief legal counsel would not even be asked the question because the sales rep could look it up himself with the click of a mouse.

Your Thoughts…

What is your story?

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