Making BPM Work for You

From Don Morris at the OIC Alliance…

Creating a fluid operation is critical to competitive differentiation and BPM is the missing key to building this type of operation.  But, successfully moving into BPM requires 3 components – and understanding of process, the right BPM tools and a BPM-oriented business approach to provide guidance.  It also requires executive commitment and attention.

As the demand for change continues to increase and market pressures continue to require new ways of working with customer, partners, suppliers and other departments; an ability to modify the operations and its support will determine how competitive a business corporation can truly become.

My Thoughts…

As I have pointed out before, in this down economy some companies will succeed and some will fail.  Let’s add competitive pressures plus the realization that the customer is more important to the mix.  Success requires some new thinking.

Let’s focus on the customer…

 This is a win/win.  If you help your customers be successful, you will be successful.  This is a process – a repeatable process. 

Success requires that you find new ways to work with your customer.  You must be able to address their changing needs and the needs of their customers.  You must be able to make the necessary changes to meet those needs.  Manage [and improve] this process well and your competitors will not have a chance…

Your Thoughts…

How will your company succeed?

Keeping it Real!


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