Winning Strategy for BPM

When writing this blog, I select a single topic and only address that topic. This can make managing business processes appear simple, that is not my intent. My real objective is to encourage companies to manage their high value processes. It is well worth the effort…

Last week I received a comment to one of my blogs. In it, they pointed out that implementing BPM across a company was like swallowing a whale whole.

My Thoughts…

Obviously, you have to take small steps.

I would be surprised if one person at a company could identify all of their processes. Further, I don’t believe that it is necessary. I believe that we can apply an 80/20 rule to these – improving 20% of your processes will yield 80% of the possible value. So, you only need to identify the key [high value] processes.

I recommend [as do many others] selecting your first process to manage using the following criteria:

• A process with some visibility
• A process that management would like to see improved
• A process that when improved would bring a financial gain to the company
• A process that can be measured

Select a process where success is attainable in a short period of time. Demonstrate success on improving/managing this process and you will be well positioned to take on the next process. Build on your successes.

Your Thoughts…

Have you approached this differently? Share your thoughts…

Keeping it Real!


One thought on “Winning Strategy for BPM

  1. I have several blogs and you suggest excellent points that blogging is a process. Your post encouraged me to use patience and editing before publishing a blog. The same goes for twitter and facebook posts.

    The @txteamhuck twitter site is mine to administer. There I have to make almost instant decisions on what and when to post. You challenge me to at least give the posts a good once over before I send them. Too many times I and others leave something out or misspell a word. Posts to a blog or social networking site should be informative yet concise and posted properly.

    It’s easy to see that the companies that utilize social networking sites need your help in a big way.

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