Everything is a Process

Everything we do is a part of a process.  

My blog writing has a process.  I gather a list of topics during the week.  I look for other writings on the topic.  I select a statement that someone has written.  I write my take on that topic.  I edit the blog.  I wait a day and do another edit.  And, then I publish the blog.

Even Christmas has processes.

My Thoughts…

Let’s look at the process of purchasing gifts…

Your process could look something like this:

  1. Make a list of who you intend to buy for
  2. Determine your budget
  3. Delegate purchasing gifts to different household members
  4. Declare a date for these tasks to be complete
  5. Create a list of gift ideas
  6. Determine which path you will take – Shop in person vs. Shop over the Internet
  7. Shop
  8. Compare alternatives
  9. Purchase
  10. Determine which path you will take – Gift wrap at the store or Gift wrap at home
  11. Place under the tree

Even though this process is only once a year, we [as consumers] have looked for ways to improve it.  Using the Internet is a good example.  This step removes time and cost from the process.  Delegating the purchasing activities makes it less hectic for all.  Even today, you can compare alternatives on the Internet.  We are constantly looking for easier ways to perform tasks.

May your Christmas processes run smoothly…


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