BPM Trends – Socialization

From Rashid N Khan, President of Leadership BPM …

He sees the future of BPM in the three S’s: Socialization, SaaS and Simplification.

Social networking is becoming a very important way in which people interact with each other.  It is having a profound impact on many aspects of the Internet-driven software industry, and BPM is sure to be one such area.  A BPM process is a social activity wherein people collaborate and communicate with each other.  Social networking technologies are an excellent compliment to BPM.

My Thoughts…

Having worked for startups in Silicon Valley, I have been watching these social sites very closely. 

Over the last several years, I have been researching how to use these sites to increase revenues.  Today, pundits are calling this Marketing 2.0.  These sites are the getting a lot of attention from marketers trying to figure out how to make money on the movement.  It is still early…

BPM & Social media…

BPM is about managing business processes.  The goal – manage processes to increase revenues, decrease costs and improve customer relationships.  You can manage business processes without using any software or websites – it has been happening for years.  If using software or social media will help you manage processes, then I am all for it.

Today I can’t see a reason to go there.  We already have Email, why go through Facebook mail?  We can already share documents, why post them on Facebook?  We can notify people of tasks with Email, why use Twitter?  However, I do see that a social site could be a part of a process that helps you build and maintain customer relationships. 

Next week – SaaS.

Your Thoughts…

Do you believe that social sites will help manage business processes?

Keeping it Real!


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