BPM Trends – SaaS

From Rashid N Khan, President of Leadership BPM …

He sees the future of BPM in the three S’s: Socialization, SaaS and Simplification.

SaaS is definitely the next big thing in BPM.  Innovative companies in the industry have already taken the leap and started offering BPM software as a service.  Like every evolution, the early offerings will not be comprehensive, but the innovators will earn quickly from their experiences and offer increasingly sophisticated solutions, which is one of the big advantages of the SaaS delivery model.

There is no longer any technical impediment to offering rich BPM functionality in a hosted environment except perhaps the challenges of integration with on-premise systems and data.  Even in this area the integration-related developments spawned by Cloud Computing will have direct beneficial impact on BPM.

My Thoughts…

Again, BPM is about managing business processes.  The goal: manage processes to increase revenues, decrease costs and improve customer relationships.  You can manage business processes without using any software or websites – it has been happening for years. 

Over the past 10 years or so, I have talked with many companies about BPM.  We have discussed SaaS implementations vs. in-house; however none of these companies chose the SaaS route.

That said, I can see using SaaS BPM software to manage simple processes, but more complex processes that require some integration will not be run on SaaS any time soon.  Companies may be OK with SaaS if the data is not critical; however most companies have adopted the position that they need to control the data – therefore they believe that it needs to be running on one of their computers in their building. 

Next week – Simplification

Your Thoughts…

What is your company’s policy?  SaaS or Software onsite?

Keeping it Real!

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