Cloud Computing in 2012

Let’s define Cloud Computing …

From Wikipedia – Cloud computing is a paradigm shift whereby details are abstracted from the users who no longer need knowledge of, expertise in, or control over the technology infrastructure “in the cloud” that supports them.

Gartner Group is predicting that cloud computing will become so pervasive that by 2012, one out of five businesses will own no IT assets at all.  The shift toward cloud services hosted outside the enterprise’s firewall will necessitate a major shift in the IT hardware markets, and shrink IT staff.  If the ownership of hardware shifts to third parties, then there will be major shifts throughout every facet of the IT hardware industry.

My Thoughts…

Gartner’s Cloud Computing Prediction

I don’t believe that companies will create an IT strategy that is 100% cloud or the opposite.  I believe that there will be a mixed strategy that includes both.  They might choose Google to provide their Email while their ERP [the lifeblood of most companies] will be hosted internally.  And, I don’t see 20% of companies drawing up and executing this plan by 2012.

What does this have to do with BPM?

BPM is about managing business processes.  We manage processes to increase revenues, decrease costs and improve customer relationships.  And, you can manage business processes without using any software – it has been happening for years. 

I see cloud computing as an implementation philosophy.  BPM software solutions can be implemented on site or in the cloud.  An observation:  Most companies adopt the position that they need to control the data – therefore they believe that it needs to be running within the walls of their environment. 

Your Thoughts…

What are your views on using cloud computing for your BPM implementation? 

Keeping it Real!


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