The State of Process Management

From a BPM Nexus survey…

They asked, “What is the one thing that companies could do now, with their existing resources, to help them improve – but they don’t?”

# 1)       Start doing it

# 2)       Cultural change

# 3)       Education

# 4)       Creation of a methodology

# 5)       Other

My Thoughts…

During this current economic downturn, companies are looking at strategies to increase revenues, decrease costs and improve customer relationships.  One sound strategy is to increase efficiency and the best way to be more efficient is to improve [manage] your key business processes. 

I selected this survey because it reiterates what I have been saying for months – ‘Just Do It’. 

I am sure that you would find Cultural change, Education, Creation of a methodology among the reasons that companies give for not ‘doing it’.  And, these are legitimate reasons.

Cultural Change – As a general rule, people don’t like change.  How many times have you heard people say ‘I can’t take on one more activity, I am overworked as it is’?

Education – Since many companies see process management as a difficult task, there have not been internal discussions regarding how to go about managing processes.  Companies may not have any employees with experience working on these kinds of projects.  You can easily learn – there is an assortment of webinars, seminars, books and conferences where you can learn all you ever wanted to know about managing business processes.  And, there are many consultants available to help.

Creation of a Methodology – Someone at your company will need some experience managing processes in order to begin putting a methodology in place.

Still, in order to break out of this economic downturn as a winner, you have to ‘start’…

Your Thoughts…

Has your company started?

Keeping it Real!


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