Process Management & Business Intelligence

Bill Gassman spoke at a Gartner BPM Seminar on the value of bringing Business Intelligence, Business Activity Monitoring and Business Process Management together.

He said that Business Intelligence adds value to business process management in 2 ways:

  • Business intelligence adds value by improving decisions through decision management
  • Business Intelligence adds value when applied ‘about’ the process

My Thoughts…

I have worked in business process management for years.  I have always thought of business intelligence as the logical enhancement to process management for the reasons Bill Gassman spoke of.

  • Many activities within business processes require decisions to be made.  Information is needed to make those decisions and the needed information is likely to be in more than one data source.  A business intelligence solution, implemented properly, could provide them with that information.  The objective is to get the right information to the right person at the right time.
  • Companies implement business process management to become more efficient.  Improving processes requires metrics.  Dashboards or Reports could provide you with the needed statistics to improve your processes.  Beyond the metrics of process activities, there are other measurements that are important.  You could be measuring: how machines are working; if inventory arrives on time; if inventory meets quality guidelines; and bottlenecks in general.  Improvements in any of these areas will make your processes and your company more efficient.

Why is this important?

With the economy in its current state, some companies will fail and some companies will become winners.  We all want to be one of the winners.  A key ingredient is to be more efficient – Efficiency lowers costs which in turn should generate higher profits. 

Your Thoughts…

What steps is your company taking to become one of the winners?

Keeping it Real!


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