A Case for BPM

Recently, Dan Morris wrote…

Every company must deal with the chaos of frequent operational and IT changes as they vie for competitive advantage and market differentiation.  This shifting environment of market opportunities, customer demands, and new technology introduces operational turmoil and significant confusion into business operations and their IT support.  Because the need to support operational evolution must be dealt with daily, the ability to control this growing tide of change will separate the winners from the losers.

The question operational and IT executive management must now ask is “how can we leverage this environment of change to provide a competitive advantage?”

My Thoughts…

As I have said before – In this economy, some companies will fail and some companies will become winners. 

So, what does change have to do with BPM? 

I am convinced that once you implement your new business process, you will find something that should be changed to make it better.  And, if you are going to manage change, you will need to constantly review your processes to make them better.

Examples of changes that can impact your ability to manage processes:

  • Adding new personnel to the process
  • Metrics – you measure your process and discover that it now takes longer than before
  • New software is imposed on the process
  • New machines are inserted in the process
  • The costs go up for a part of the process

The manager of the process must be made aware of changes that may impact their process.  They will need to act on those changes to minimize any negative impact. 

I see managing ‘change’ as a key ingredient to success.  And, I think that the companies that can best ‘leverage their environment of change’ will be better positioned to be one of the winners.

Your Thoughts…

What steps is your company taking to manage change?

Keeping it Real!


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