Greatest Benefit from BPM

From a 2009 BPM Market Report by Transformation and Innovation…

Respondents were asked to indicate what had been their firms ‘single greatest’ benefit from using BPM to date:

28% said ‘Automation of Standard Procedures and Processes’

19% said ‘Ability to Visualize, Simulate and Trouble-Shoot Business Processes

17% said ‘Change Business Rules and Processes without Impacting Underlying Applications

11% said ‘Manage and Monitoring the Performance of Operations and Personnel

My Thoughts…

I am sharing these results to help you set your expectations.  These are the results of real companies that have implemented BPM solutions.

It is fair to expect your BPM solution to:

  • Help you automate your processes where possible.  Automation is a necessity for real process improvements.
  • Provide visibility so that you can see how long processes take.  Then you can identify steps to shorten those processes.
  • Allow you to make changes that are required by your company without impacting underlying applications.  Since change is inevitable, they must be easy to implement.
  • Provide visibility so that you can monitor performance.  There are many reasons that performance numbers can take a dip, you need to be able to identify those reasons so that you can take action.

As I have said before – In this economy, some companies will fail and some companies will become winners.  Effective process management is a key ingredient to success, and companies that manage their processes effectively will be better positioned to be one of the winners.

Your Thoughts…

Has your company embarked on process improvement projects?

Keeping it Real!


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