BPM Business Benefit

From a Ziff Davis ‘BPM Kit’…

Decreased Costs

At first glance, BPM seems to deliver the same major benefit as traditional enterprise application technology like ERP: increased workforce productivity (as a result of streamlining business operations and automating repetitive tasks).  BPM Suites, however, go far beyond creating efficiency.  Knowledge sharing capabilities and a collaborative portal help improve decision-making.  Process performance reports help optimize workflows.  Notifications and triggers help reduce errors and eliminate waste.  And in intelligent rules engine helps enforce best practices.  Thus, BPM Suites not only help organizations increase workforce productivity, but they also improve product quality and reduce corporate risk.  The result?  Within months of deployment, these improvements will deliver substantial cost savings.

My Thoughts…

Decreasing costs is certainly a goal of any BPM implementation. 

While I don’t agree that ERP will streamline business operations or automate repetitive tasks without a lot of customization, I do see BPM delivering on its promise.

Assuming that you have redesigned your processes to eliminate non-value add activities and you have automated activities where possible, your company will see shorter process cycle times. 

Managing your processes effectively requires metrics.  Monitoring the length of your process cycle times will keep you on top of bottlenecks, inefficiencies, errors, etc.  Address these issues quickly to minimize any negative cost impact.

Often overlooked is the collaborative aspect of BPM.  Many activities require collaboration and sharing of information – BPM software will facilitate this.

Quality is an important benefit of BPM.  BPM Suites help organizations increase product quality using notifications, triggers and reports to help reduce errors and eliminate waste.

There is another seldom talked about benefit of BPM – mitigating corporate risk. With a BPM solution in place, you will be able to see your company running smoothly – or not.  If something is not running smoothly, you can address it quickly.  Without a system in place, you may see something not running smoothly on a monthly basis rather than daily/hourly.

As I have said before – In this economy, some companies will fail and some companies will become winners.  Effective process management is a key ingredient to success, and companies that manage their processes effectively will be better positioned to be one of the winners.

Your Thoughts…

Has your company embarked on process improvement projects?

Keeping it Real!


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