BPM Success Factors

From the Institute for Process Innovation…

As a result of their research, they have identified critical success factors and implementation approaches for BPM. They say that the most important influences in BPM from a management perspective are total quality management [TQM] and business process re-engineering.

  • Organizational and culture change
  • Aligning the BPM approach with corporate goals and strategy
  • Focus on the customer and their requirements
  • Process measurement and improvement
  • Need for a structured approach to BPM
  • Top management commitment
  • Benchmarking
  • Process aware information systems
  • Infrastructure and realignment

My Thoughts…

As a result of my experiences, I would identify the following as most critical.

‘Change’ – People hate change. This is one of the biggest killers of enterprise projects. ‘Culture change’ is one of those changes and employees will resist. Change must be carefully managed and will be greatly helped with ‘top management commitment’.

Often, companies implement business process management without ‘focusing on the customer’. More attention must be given to the customer – a friend of mine calls this the ‘moment of truth’. Companies must not lose sight of the fact that they are in business to sell goods or services to a customer. This is your most important process – all other processes support this one.

‘Benchmarking’ – If you don’t measure your efforts, how will you know if you were successful? How can you identify areas that need improvement? How can you know if your changes worked?

With management support, you have a good chance of a successful BPM implementation. Without management support, your effort will be hit or miss. Big projects like this can use an internal champion – someone who sells the philosophy each and every day.

In this uncertain economy, some companies will fail and some companies will become winners. Effective process management is a key ingredient to success, and companies that manage their processes effectively will be better positioned to be one of the winners.

Your Thoughts…

Has your company embarked on process improvement projects?

Keeping it Real!


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