BPM Provides the Solution

Found in a Ziff Davis BPM Kit…

If your organization has any of the following issues, BPM software provides the solution.

  1. Do your processes involve various disparate, stove-piped IT systems in addition to human tasks?
  2. Do your managers complain about the lack of visibility into their processes, initiatives and projects?
  3. Do you have trouble identifying who or what is impeding your processes?
  4. Do you have process inefficiencies due to a lack of accountability and clear ownership of responsibilities?
  5. After an organizational goal is reached, do you have trouble looking back and figuring out exactly who did what?
  6. Are you worried about employees inconsistently completing assignments throughout the organization?
  7. Do you fear that your processes are not adapting to changing business requirements because ‘this is the way they have always been done’?
  8. Do your processes cross departmental and organization boundaries making assignment hand-offs and ownership responsibilities less clear?
  9. Do you lack clear, measurable metrics for gauging employee performance’?
  10. Do your processes frequently involve documents and forms as well as structured / unstructured content?

My Thoughts…

In reality, far less than half of all companies have embraced business process management strategies.  This has always puzzled me, because I would think that all companies would want to be efficient. 

Most often the story that I hear is that companies believe the costs outweigh the benefits.  And, they believe the costs will be in the $ hundreds of thousands.  Let’s look closer…

The Benefits

In previous blogs, I have pointed out that effectively managing your business processes results in increased revenues, reduced costs and improved customer relationships.  Increased revenues are a little harder to prove, but reduced costs and improved customer relationships are easy.  All of the returns on investment analysis that I have performed have shown paybacks in less than a year.  If you are not sure about these results, do the questions above relate to your company.  An effective business process management solution should provide you with the answers to those questions.

The Costs

When implementing your business process management solution, start with a meaningful process that isn’t too complex.  This increases your chance for success and success will propel you forward to manage the next process.  That first managed process helps you learn about managing processes so that the next process will even be easier.  Eventually, you can be managing all of your critical business processes.

This process by process approach can reduce the overall cost; at the very least it will spread the costs out over time.  Many of the BPM solution providers can provide you with a return on investment spreadsheet so that you can input your own company numbers.  I am sure that you will be surprised at how easy it is to arrive at a positive return on investment.

In this uncertain economy, effective process management is a key ingredient to success that allows you to break out as a market leader.

Your Thoughts…

What has stopped your company from pursuing a business process management solution?

Keeping it Real!


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