Implementing BPM

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What is involved in implementing BPM?

Similar to other software implementations, BPM requires both business and technical resources and activities.  Effective BPM is based on an ongoing iterative design/develop/deliver process improvement lifecycle.

One potential challenge with BPM is the behavioral change required by participants in the process.  Often, BPM requires users to move from an event-driven to a task-driven work paradigm.

For many workers, using a BPM application will involve monitoring an inbox of tasks with prescribed priorities and work instructions, rather than concentrating on the task that seems most pressing.  For some organizations, well-planned and executed training is enough to make the transition, but for others, implementing task-driven work processes can require a major cultural transformation.

My Thoughts…

Some important lessons learned from real BPM projects…

DON’T try to implement your biggest most complex process first.  If the project is not completely successful, management will be reluctant to go further.

DO implement an important process that isn’t too complex.  A successful project will help you move forward.

DO establish simple metrics for success.  You must be able to build a case to prove that the project was successful.

DON’T shoot for perfection.  Any process you define will change by the time you implement it.  Change is inevitable, that makes managing and improving processes an ongoing event.

DON’T allow scope creep.  Scope creep can easily kill any project. 

DO manage culture change.  As a general rule, people hate change.  Implementing a new way of doing business requires an ongoing internal sales effort. 

DO understand the corporate politics.  Learn to work within the framework of the corporate politics.

REMEMBER, companies that have successfully implemented BPM will see a positive return on investment.  And in this uncertain economy, effective process management is a key ingredient to becoming one of the market leaders.

Your Thoughts…

What has stopped your company from pursuing a business process management solution?

Keeping it Real!


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