BPM Mistakes

I attended a BPM webinar recently where the topic was BPM mistakes.  A few of those mistakes are important enough to rehash…

You can’t solve business process problems with technology alone.  

I have been saying this for years.  Business Process Management software does what you tell it to do.  If you don’t implement improved processes, you will continue to make errors – only faster.  Useful steps: 

  • Document the current process
  • Confirm that you have it documented properly;
  • Measure it
  • Improve the process
  • Measure it – Repeat

Don’t implement an expense report process [for example].  

Choose a meaningful process – something that isn’t too complex but has some value to the company.

Don’t over customize the software.

Customization of the software costs more.  And, it gets worse over time – upgrades are more difficult and expensive.  And, if you should choose to change software the migration costs will go up.

Don’t take too long implementing that first process.

A typical BPM project requires some upfront selling.  A ‘champion’ should be fanning the flames of interest, getting people excited about their new process [and software].  If that project takes too long, people will lose interest.  Choose a project that can be completed in 6 months or less and there will still be enthusiasm for the next project.

Why manage your business processes?  Managing processes more efficiently will increase revenues, lower costs and improve customer relationships.  It can differentiate you from your competitors.  It can be the key that allows your company to break out as the market leader.

Your Thoughts…

What steps has your company taken to be a market leader?

Keeping it Real!


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