Business Process Management

From a Terry Schurter blog

Everyone that thinks BPM is some form of technology or use of technology has missed the boat, the big picture and the real opportunity.

It starts with an understanding of what BPM is…

BPM is an understanding of the work that people do in an organization as related activities [or tasks] that often encapsulate or create experiences [customers or internal customers], that exist to achieve a result, that are optimized and managed against desired experiences, that are refined to eliminate non-value added work, and that are supported by technology in a way that makes all experiences [customers, internal customers, participants, managers, etc.] simpler, easier and more successful.

BPM is something we can use to accomplish many organizational benefits of great value.  We can increase customer satisfaction, improve customer value, reduce costs, improve employee morale, make less mistakes, create more consistency and get more work done.

My Thoughts…

I couldn’t have said it better – so, let me just add…

I think that people don’t realize that if they purchase BPM software, they must do a lot of work before they can implement it.  Among their tasks: They have to document the process they intend to manage; They need to make sure that they have documented the ‘real’ process; They should create some metrics and measure that process; They will want to optimize the process – eliminate non-value added work and automate where they can; And, they will need to test out that process – perform the work the new way and measure the results.  Once they are happy with their ‘new, improved process’ they can bring in technology [software].  They will use technology to help them manage the process as they intend it to function and to automate where possible.

What’s in it for you?  Why do all this work?

More efficient business processes lead to increased revenues, lower costs and improved customer relationships.  It can differentiate you from your competitors.  It can be the key that allows your company to break out as the market leader.

Your Thoughts…

What steps has your company taken to be a market leader?

Keeping it Real!


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