Managing Change

More from an ASG Software Solutions article…

Business continues to get tougher, more competitive and more accelerated in terms of change.  The ‘Always-on’ connected world facilitated by the Internet collapses both time and distance as the speed of information exchange increases worldwide.  As a result, product lifecycles are getting shorter and market differentiation is difficult to maintain.

To remain competitive, companies must lower expenses and streamline operations.  This change has been triggered by information-available universally, more quickly, more easily, more transparently, more completely and in more detail.  Paradoxically, information is both the challenge and the solution.

My Thoughts…

If Efficiency is doing things right and Effectiveness is doing the right things, then the first step in managing your business processes is to make sure that you are doing the right things.  Next you need to determine the right way to do the right things.  And, people need information in order to perform their activities.  Adding time to this mixture means we need to do the right things in the right way at the right time and, the right information needs to get to the right person at the right time.

Change Happens…

Innovation may drive new ways to deliver products or services – changing what is the ‘right thing’.  You may discover new and better ways to do the ‘right thing’.  Changing people involved in this process will change the dynamics.  Information changes constantly making it more challenging to get the right information to the right person at the right time.

Managing Change…

Business processes are constantly changing.  If you wish to effectively manage your business processes, you will need to account for and manage change.  That means managing your processes will be an ongoing activity.  And, it will really help if you have a champion helping drive your efforts [Think internal salesperson].

Now is not the time to ‘just remain competitive’, now is the time to establish your company as the market leader.  Managing your processes more efficiently will lower costs and lead to increased revenues, and improve customer relationships.  It can differentiate you from your competitors.  It can be the key that allows your company to break out as the market leader. 

Your Thoughts…

What steps has your company taken to be a market leader?


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