Get Moving with BPM

From an article by  Jaisundar Von…

Advantage from BPM is really not some blinding insight no one ever thought of. All of us have discussed this substantially. We have unanimously acknowledged that BPM is about business, and about aligning IT to business and about process improvements and so on…

You’re not ready for Sustainable BPM Change until you are.  In other words, get to work. Figure it out.  Start aligning your organization around BPM and the change it incurs.  But if you put off BPM until you’re ready, you never will be.  Show some leadership…

Waiting for ideal conditions and a perfect time is all very fine. But we are talking about finding competitive advantage here. Not buying art for the office lobby. Either you are in, or you are out.  So what it calls for is the round-spherical-objects to pull up socks and take charge and make the move, confront the odds and challenges and make it all work. That’s really leadership and it’s no surprise that top management participation is sort of a pre-condition for BPM success.

Predictions and trends tend to keep varying and changing and evolving as we go along. But going forward though, one thing will be common – IT investing buyers are going to look at IT more and more to drive revenues, profit and cost – the three things that define your business.

My Thoughts…

People that think ‘waiting for ideal conditions and a perfect time is all very fine’ have not taken into account what that delay is costing them.

What if a process improvement could save you only $10k per month?  A 6 month delay adds up to $60k; $60k that could go to the bottom line [profit].  That process inefficiency could be costing additional revenues.  And, it could be annoying your loyal customer base.

A friend of mine [a CFO at a high tech company] pointed out to me that a ‘bad’ decision is better than no decision at all.  He pointed out that the ‘bad’ decision is usually made using a lot of input, so it is not likely to be all that bad.  And, if it turns out to be a ‘bad’ decision you will learn some valuable information so that the next decision will be that much better.

The moral – get moving with managing your business processes…

Everyone wants to run their company effectively and efficiently.  If you can make your ‘mission critical process’ more efficient and more effective, then you can expect lower costs, increased revenues, and improved customer relationships. 

Your Thoughts…

What are you waiting for?


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