Implementing BPM is Easy

There are all sorts of blogs, articles, white papers and books that talk about getting started with Business Process Management [BPM].  I have even addressed this topic in the past.  Here are some things that I have learned.

Implementing BPM is Easy – Gathering the Requirements is Hard

If you know what process you wish to manage and you have documented [modeled] that process, configuring/coding up the solution isn’t hard.

The hard parts are building a foundation for success, selecting and documenting the process.  Without a foundation in place, the chance of project failure is much higher…

  • Identify an Internal Champion – This person will be the internal sales person for this project.  This is not a one time sales activity, it is ongoing
  • Manage Change – People hate change.  A BPM project will not only change the way a person works, it can change the corporate culture.  Typically, the Champion will lead your company through the change.
  • Manage the Project – You will need to identify a project manager.  They will select a project team.  In order to secure success, it is in their best interest to involve potential nay-sayers – make them be a part of the process early.  It only takes one unhappy person to derail a project.

Once you have the foundation in place you can select and begin documenting a process.

Choose a process that is not too large and not too small.  Choose one that has some visibility so that your success will be noted.  Choose one that can be completed in 3-6 months so that people don’t forget about the project and so that success can be seen fairly quickly. 

Today’s economy appears to be slowly recovering – Now would be a good time to understand and take control of your business processes.

Your Thoughts…

Has your company begun any process management projects?


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