BPM Design

I saw a list from ‘the Insider’s Guide to BPM’ that had some good tips. I was going to post it intact, but I decided to edit it to add current thinking.

Designing your BPM solution…

  • Start with the high-level process model
  • Identify your expected outcomes
  • Address the customer touch points
  • Build the executable process behind the to be process
  • Seek simplicity; it is the key to success
  • Remove non-value added activities
  • Don’t make people do what software can
  • Don’t try to make software do what people must
  • Be wary of orchestration; tightly constrained orchestration will often impose rules that are not realistic
  • Simplify the user experience. Without this, our best laid plans may fall into ruin.

My Thoughts…

Select the process you wish to address and create a high-level process model [document the process]. Make sure that your model is correct by asking the people involved in that process.

With any project, you need to be able to identify if you were successful. By identifying your expected outcomes, you will be able to measure your success.

Most people understand that BPM is about lowering costs and increasing revenues, but increasing customer satisfaction is a big deal. Be sure to address your customer touch points to improve your customer’s experience.

They couldn’t have said this clearer – ‘don’t make people do what software can’ and ‘don’t try to make software do what people must’.

Regarding simplifying the user experience – a single bad attitude can kill a project. Make sure that you address the changes your users will face. Simplify the user interface if you can. Make this change as easy as possible.

Your Thoughts…

Have you anything to add to this list?


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