The Value of BPM

From an Accenture BPM presentation…

Organizations everywhere are racing to keep pace with change – with an unpredictable business environment, with fast moving technology and stronger competitors that are always seeking an advantage.

Business Process Management [BPM] can be a powerful ally as organizations respond to change. Strive to be leaders. And stay ahead

First, BPM can increase an organization’s agility, while remaining compliant – equipping businesses with the tools and skills they need to respond quickly while still ensuring compliance to regulations and standards.

Second, BPM enables organizations to achieve efficiency, without losing quality across products, services and processes.

And finally, BPM improves an organization’s internal employee integration.  And helps build stronger networks with external partners and resources.

My Thoughts…

All companies want more revenue/sales.  One path is to stay ahead of your competition – be the market leader.  Accenture talks about…

Agility – On the surface, it is much easier for a small company to be agile than a large one.  However, if agility is part of your corporate culture you have a much better chance.  Design your processes with agility in mind – compliance comes along for the ride.

Efficiency – At a minimum, remove non-value add activities from your processes.  Then don’t have a human do what a computer can, and don’t have computers do what a human must.

Customer satisfaction – Processes must always take into account the customer.  Design your processes for successful customer outcomes.  Make it easy for your customer to purchase from you.

In this ‘slowed’ economy, look at the companies that are doing well.  Determine what they are doing well?  Look for ways to apply that knowledge to your company?

Your Thoughts…

Now is the time to take the offensive – be the market leader.


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