BPM & Customer Expectations

From Sandy Kemsley…

To achieve sustainable growth and profitability requires new thinking and new actions. Businesses must empower employees at all levels of the organization to act in direct alignment with strategy, where that strategy enables the meeting of customer expectations – without exception. There are a few companies that have done this, but the cost has been high and the challenge daunting. Now there is clear guidance on how to deliver success without exception in any organization of any size and in any market. Some will choose to adopt new techniques and achieve new levels of success in their business; others won’t.

Business success will be won by those who take innovative action to create customer success as a natural by-product of the activities of everyone in the organization. Strategy can no longer be implied in functional directives of the business; it must be explicit in the actions the people in the organization take to meet customer expectations on a daily basis.

My Thoughts…

There have been a great deal of discussions about documenting the ‘as-is’ process recently.  Often, when thinking about process improvements, the customer gets left out.

A decade ago, we talked about having happy customers.  Today, we need to be talking about ecstatic customers.  Happy customers have been known to change suppliers.  An ecstatic customer, however, is one that would never change suppliers and they would tell their friends to do business with you.

No matter your path to improving your processes, your customer ‘touch points’ are extremely important.  Work with your customers to make life easier for them.  Work with your customers to make it easy for them to buy from you.  Look for innovative ways to create customer success.

Your Thoughts…

Is your customer base ecstatic to do business with you?


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