BPM – Just Add Software

Last week, my topic was the definition of BPM.

Before there was software to manage business processes, a company’s processes would evolve.  Maybe a manager would ask ‘John’ to perform a task and when he was done pass it to ‘Marsha’;  ‘Marsha’ would perform her task and pass it to ‘Tom’;  ‘Tom’ would perform his task and pass it to ‘Tim’.  Assuming the process was complete – ‘Tim’ would notify the manager that the process was complete.

Over time, people were added to the process.  Often, the workers would figure out how this new person would fit in – as a result, the new person would become part of the process.

Only when a process took too long or mistakes happened would companies document the process on paper.  Then they could ‘manage’ their business process – they could look for reasons for the long time frames or mistakes and make the necessary adjustments to ‘improve’ the process.

My Thoughts…

For years, this was how companies managed their business processes and they were not using software. 

Adding one of today’s BPM software products to the mix can get you some real benefits.

Visibility – Quickly search a process to see status; see what has been done and what is left to be done; See who is holding up the process; etc.

Enforcement – Software can enforce your process rules.  You can say that activity A must be completed before activity B can proceed.

Security – Software can make sure the right person performs an activity.  It can assure that only approved people can view activities, tasks, information, etc.

Metrics – Software can provide measurements that you can use to shorten cycle times; remove bottlenecks; etc.

While this economy is attempting to improve, it is a good time to make your own improvements so that you may grow even faster.

Your Thoughts…

How will you take advantage of the slowly improving economy?


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