Benefits of BPM

From the BPM Quarterly E-Zine…

EXPERTS AGREE: The objective of a business process management program is continuous improvement.  But as the old business adage goes, you can’t manage—or improve—what you don’t measure.

John Dixon, a Gartner Inc. research director, sums up the matter this way: “BPM without metrics is just a shot in the dark.” In fact, accurate, relevant metrics are becoming increasingly important to companies seeking to make smarter, more agile business decisions.

My Thoughts…

I have written my thoughts before on measuring the ‘as is’ and have received arguments on both sides.

These 2 paragraphs bring up 3 issues.

1)      Experts Agree – Who are these experts?

2)      You can’t improve what you don’t measure – I am a firm believer that unless you measure your existing process, you can never be sure that you have actually improved it.

3)      BPM without metrics is just a shot in the dark – I do think that a person that really understands a process, they can improve it without metrics, but if management [the guy writing the check] wants to know if a process has been improved they will be wanting some empirical evidence.

I will confess that I have seen many installations where the company did not put any metrics in place.  And, it can be easy to show improvements to your process – things seem to run smoother, bottlenecks disappear.  However, if you need to ask for money to extend your BPM implementation it is far easier to make a case using actual metrics.

Your Thoughts…

What is your stand on metrics?


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