Keep BPM Simple

From the BPM Quarterly E-Zine…

There is a rich irony in the fact that BPM initiatives, which are typically intended to streamline a company’s activities, can themselves end up unwieldy, unfocused or over-complicated.

Indeed, BPM initiatives have a natural tendency to expand.  ‘They can start small, but as people see what is happening, they tend to grow in scope and complexity,’ says independent BPM consultant Sandy Kemsley of Kemsley Design.

My Thoughts…

This is so true.  Some things to watch out for:

Scope Creep

Keep it simple.  I always recommend starting with your as-is process.  Then, identify and remove any non value added activities and start there.  As your company gets comfortable, you can make more improvements.


People hate change.  Don’t make radical changes for the initial implementation.  If your new process is basically your as-is process with some steps removed, the change will seem minor.  Users already have to learn new software [the BPM software], so if the process is basically the same the change will be more palatable.

Don’t forget your customer

Sure, we want to cut costs and be more efficient – but if you can make it easier for people to do business with you, you could also increase revenues.  Talk about a Win/Win…

Your Thoughts…

What has been your experience?  How did you minimize scope creep?  How did you manage change?


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