What’s Next for BPM?

From Jim Sinur’s Blog…

Don’t get me wrong, the BPM discipline has come a long way in the last seven years or so and so has the BPM technology (BPMS). Organizations have saved money, extended the productivity of workers, thrived and even capitalized with process.

Processes will have to practice better visibility in terms of extent the effect of the process and all the resources controlled and/or touched by the process. At a minimum processes should provide more visibility into workloads, resource saturation, and progress towards goals, targets and KPI’s. In the greatest application, resources can be viewed across multiple processes.

My Thoughts…

I think that Jim is onto something with this line of thought.

Looking at the lifecycle of business process management, a company will identify that they have a problem. They will go through ‘their’ process to come up with some kind of BPM solution. They will implement that solution.

Over time, they will be monitoring how well their solution is working. They should see shorter cycle times. They will have immediate visibility into where something is within the process. They should expect to be operating more efficiently.

So, what’s next?

Assuming the goal is continuous improvement, it would be great if you could derive some intelligence from the process – workloads, resource saturation, progress towards goals, targets and KPI’s. BPM software uses some kind of database and where there is a database, you can derive information. BPM vendors are beginning to see the need and are building features that will allow their customers to collect intelligence. We will be seeing BPM vendors build more and more features into their software that will give their customers insight into their continuous process improvement initiatives.

The economy appears to be growing at a very slow rate. What can your company do to differentiate themselves from the pack? Improving business processes is a good way to step ahead.

Your Thoughts…

How will you differentiate your company from the pack?


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