Tips for BPM Success

I have written several blogs outlining tips for a successful BPM project.

In my previous blogs, I said that the successful BPM implementations I have observed all had these things in common: A Champion – An internal sales person for the project; They managed change because people hate change; They worked within their company’s internal politics; They selected a good project manager; and they assembled a cross functional team to build ownership in the coming changes.

I try to keep my blogs short, so I focused on those 5 keys. There are some other tips that are worth sharing.

 • Leadership from someone on the executive team is very helpful. Even more so, if that executive is the champion. They can ‘lead’ your company through the ‘jungle’ that is the project.

 • For your initial implementation, do not select a process that takes a year or more to implement. It is extremely hard to keep up enthusiasm for that length of time. Choose a process that can be completed in about 6 months that. One that has some visibility and will be beneficial for the company to manage.

 • The better job you do in gathering requirements, the better the solution will be. The requirements reflect your expectations. Manage expectations for a successful implementation.

 • One of the hardest tasks is managing scope creep. The more changes you allow to scope, the harder it is to be successful.

The economy appears to be growing at a very slow rate. What can your company do to increase revenues and reduce costs in order to increase profits? Improving business processes is one tactic that leads to success.

Your Thoughts…

What is your plan to increase profits in a ‘slowed’ economy?


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