BPM Utopia

A well-run company is obvious when you think about it – It appears that everyone knows what to do and when to do it.  There is very little waste.  You will not find people performing activities that do not add value to the process.  Employees and technology work together seamlessly.  I would be surprised if I saw a company that was actually able to achieve that.  Some thoughts follow:

Don’t start with technology – instead, start with your vision for your company’s utopia. 

Start with an understanding of the problems that need to be solved.  Add to that business needs that help you get to your vision of utopia.  Design a process that addresses those needs.

All of your process steps [activities] should add value – remove those that don’t.

Don’t have a person do what a computer can and don’t have a computer do what a human must.

Change happens – Determine what can be done to ensure continual process improvement in response to those changes?

Perfection is not possible, continual improvement is.

The economy may not get into a speedy recovery mode, so how will you and your company increase sales, decrease costs and improve profits?

Your Thoughts…

What actions will you take to increase sales, decrease costs and improve profits?


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