BPM Project Success

We all want our software projects to be successful. After working on many software projects, I uncovered a recurring theme for successful projects.

A typical software project has 4 major components: Analysis, Design, Construction and implementation. You may use different terminology, but in reality you could place them in these buckets.

The recurring theme – the analysis component is critical.

Poorly performed analysis increases costs, increases the project timeline and makes it more difficult to be successful.

A detailed, thorough analysis keeps costs in line, keeps the project on schedule and increases the odds that you will have a successful project.

 A key component of a thorough analysis is ‘managing expectations’.

Managing expectations is about understanding what the customer wants in a solution, tempering unrealistic expectations and jointly arriving at very ‘do-able’ expectations. If both parties are working to the same expectations, the odds of success go way up.

The takeaway…

Managing expectations is so important that I take every opportunity to confirm that we are still working to the ‘agreed upon’ expectations. If you are interested in getting referrals, make sure that your customer gets what they are expecting.

Don’t forget, delaying your BPM project is costing you ‘real’ money daily. Now is the time to get started. Be diligent performing your analysis. Start receiving the benefits of a successful BPM project.

Your Thoughts…

Have you uncovered a key tip of your own? What is holding up your BPM project?


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