BPM Challenges

We all want the promise of BPM – Increased Revenues; Decreased Costs; and Increased Profits.  More than half of the prospects that I have spoken with struggle to get the support to move forward with their BPM projects.

EbizQ’s BPM Quarterly E-Zine surveyed 264 businesses and IT professionals.  They asked them to identify major challenges to their BPM efforts.  I have personally seen 4 of the 5 reasons they identified.

The most common reason that I have seen is that the company doesn’t want to spend the money now.  There are several reasons for this:

  • They have had software projects that were very costly and not successful.  These projects have left a bad taste in their mouth.
  • They want a return on investment [ROI] analysis that they can believe.  One that addresses only hard costs – costs that can be easily identified.  They see soft costs as unreliable. 
  • Since they have had failed software projects before and ROI’s have not proven to be reliable, management isn’t interested in taking on the risk.

My last blog talked about the importance of the analysis part of the project.  These failed projects likely failed because the analysis was not done properly.  Not addressing your business process issues is costing you ‘real’ money daily.  You can’t run away from managing your business processes forever.

Now is the time to get started.  Be diligent performing your analysis.  Get the people in your company involved.  Start receiving the benefits of a successful BPM project.

Your Thoughts…

Have you uncovered a key tip of your own?  What is holding up your BPM project?


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