BPM & Your Customer

From an article by Anne Stuart, Site Editor, ebizQ, 09/22/2011…

Attention, business process specialists: In Forrester Research’s view, ensuring a great customer experience should be a big part of your job description.

“Very few companies deliver a great customer experience,” William Band, a Forrester vice president and principal analyst, said. In a recent Forrester survey of 7,700U.S.consumers, just 7% reported receiving excellent service from companies whose brands were represented in the poll. Fully two-thirds of respondents rated their customer experiences somewhere between “mediocre” and “very poor.”

Such experiences ultimately translate to a company’s bottom line: “The difference between high and low performance can be worth billions of dollars,” Band said.

My Thoughts…

Anne’s article re-enforces my last blog discussing BPM trends – ‘Business Processes will focus on the Customer’.

I will confess that I didn’t know that as many as two-thirds of respondents rated their customer experiences somewhere between “mediocre” and “very poor.”  I thought the number would be much smaller.

Someone once told me that the goal of happy customers is no longer enough.  A happy customer may not refer their friends to your company.  A happy customer could go with a better offer.  Today, you must have ecstatic customers – ones that will not switch and refer you to their friends.  So, the challenge is – how do you make your customers ecstatic?

Think about your own experiences – what can a company do for you that will make you want to refer them to others?  A great product isn’t enough.  Most likely, you will share your buying experience – how they treated you.

How your company interacts with its customers is a process.  It is a process you can manage.  It is a process you can measure.  It is a process you can improve. 

Making it easy to do business with your company can’t wait.  While the economy is struggling to grow, it is the right time to improve your processes in order to cut costs and increase revenues.

Your Thoughts…

What is your company doing to improve their customer interactions?


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