6 Benefits of BPM

From a survey conducted by AIIM – Intelligence Quarterly Q3, 2008…

AIIM interviewed 354 members and industry associates asking them what benefits they received by implementing BPM.  More than half of them indicated the following benefits:

  –  Increased process efficiency/productivity

  –  Continuous process improvement

  –  Improved process quality/consistency/compliance

  –  Cost reduction

  –  Increased customer satisfaction

  –  Better reporting of process performance

My Thoughts…

This survey puts a spotlight on ‘real’ benefits of BPM.

If I were starting from scratch and I created a list of my goals for business process management, the items above would be on my list.

I can’t imagine taking on a BPM project without wanting to: increase my process efficiency; increase my productivity; improve compliance; reduce costs; implement continuous process improvement; gather statistics [metrics of my process activities]; and I definitely want to increase customer satisfaction.

I would make these objectives part of my project plan.  I can easily see where you could create some metrics that would show you how you are doing.  Identifying objectives is a good way to start your BPM project – measuring your results is a good way to finish it.

While the economy is struggling to grow, NOW is the right time to improve your processes in order to cut costs and increase revenues.

Your Thoughts…

What steps is your company taking to cut costs and increase revenues?



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