The Value of BPM

From an IBM document titled ‘Eleven habits for highly successful BPM programs’…

Habit #1 – Prove business value first

    –  Do not forget the focus should be on business value

    –  Be willing to make trade-offs for the first release

Pick out a challenge that provides business value – do not just do a small starter project.  Successful BPM customers have jumped right into solving a business problem that matters.

BPM is agile.  You need to take advantage of that – and do not attempt to solve all problems with a single ‘big bang’ deployment of an end-to-end process. You need to continuously improve and iterate.

My Thoughts…

From my perspective, a company would not purchase BPM software without seeing the value of a BPM solution in their company. 

There are many ways to arrive at a value proposition.  I like to approach it this way.

First – the problem definition.  What are the problems that you feel need to be solved?  There has to be at least one reason why you are looking into BPM.  Document these reasons.

Second – solution vision.  If the world were perfect, the solution to your problems would look like this?  At this stage, we really don’t care about the software – we care about how that software can solve our problems.  How will it be used?  How will it make life easier for workers?

Third – defining value.  You need to discover how much your problem(s) are costing you.  Then if you could really implement your solution vision, how much would that solution save your company?  If the savings are greater than the cost of the problems, then why wouldn’t you investigate further or make the purchase? 

If your solution vision is not available – how close does the software come to your solution vision?  Is that close enough for it to make financial sense?

While the economy is sluggish, now is a good time to look into solving real business problems.

Your Thoughts…

What is your approach to defining value?


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