The Why of BPM

Companies purchase Business Process Management [BPM] software to solve a problem – The kind of problem that keeps them up at night.  Problems like:

1) It takes too long for things to move through their process

As an example, it may take 2 weeks for a purchase request to move through its process when it should only take a couple of days.  No matter the process, if someone is waiting for the outcome their patience may be long gone.

2) The process appears to be error prone

Errors are occurring within a process.  It may or may not be process related, but you just can’t tell.  Miscommunications may be happening because a process is not well defined.  The process may have either not enough steps or too many – both causing their own kind of problems.

3) Compliance

In the typical audit, the auditor wants to know how your company does business.  They first want to see [understand] the process.  Next, they want you to prove to them that your company actually follows that process. 

Control & Visibility

A BPM solution provides control and visibility.

Control – If you have dictated that there will be 10 steps in a process, there will be 10 steps.  The software makes sure that all 10 steps take place.  There are executive over-rides, but if they are taken the software will show who did it and when.

Visibility – At any time in a process, people are able to see what step is being worked on and whose desk it is on.  You will be able to gather ‘wall time’ and see potential bottlenecks.  This allows you to ‘tweak’ your process to make it more efficient.

BPM software makes compliance audits a breeze.

You might ask yourself why all companies haven’t embraced BPM.  I still don’t understand the why’ – I expect BPM implementations to be widespread.  In a sluggish economy, now is a good time to look into becoming more efficient.

Your Thoughts…

Have you started looking at BPM solutions?  If not, why not?


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