BPM & Social Media

Richard Gabel posted an article on Social Media at Biznik.com…

In it, he stated:  Many a brave man before me has been martyred for standing up for what they believe. I choose now to follow my conscience and bear witness to what I believe to be the truth.  Facebook and Twitter are stupid!

My Thoughts…

The conversation has been lively.

The conversation is being conducted in social media – biznik.com.

Both sides of the issue have been well represented.

Social Media is a part of inbound marketing efforts.  When marketers create their marketing plan, they follow a process.  That process is usually informal, but it is a process none the less.

They will work backwards from revenue projections.  If they expect some $millions in revenue, they will determine how many widgets they need to sell.  Once they have that number, they will determine how many prospects they need to uncover.

Inbound marketing is among the tactics needed to gather prospects.

Inbound marketing requires ongoing efforts.  These tactics will be performed daily, weekly or monthly.  There any number of sites that you can post to – Twitter and Facebook are only 2 of many.  When looking at sites to post to, I see companies selecting some ‘group’ and then posting to them regularly.  Twitter and Facebook may or may not be a part of the mix. 

I have a process that I follow weekly for social media.  I post 2 blogs to several sites and I use ping.fm to publish ‘snippets’ to sites like Twitter and Facebook.  On their own, they may not produce results but as a part of the ‘group’ I am hoping they bring people to our website.

So, even though I mostly agree with Richard, I still post to Twitter and Facebook as a part of my larger marketing mix.

Your Thoughts…

Where do you stand on Twitter & Facebook?


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