Getting Started with BPM

From an article by Christina Torode – The who, what and where of winning with business process improvement…

In it, she stated: The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) Group’s business processes for new product and project launches suffered from a ‘chronic illness’ that most enterprises encounter: Email overload.

“If I could eradicate a quarter-million emails that we were using to manage the business on a quarterly or annual basis, that time adds up,” Verburgt said. “It is an explicit shift of labor from non-value-add, because the administrative and grunt work is just automated.”

My Thoughts…

This article caught my attention, because here is a real company that has identified a real need – a need we can all relate to.

I have said many times – managing business processes is about removing non-value added tasks and automating tasks where possible. Don’t have a computer do what a human must and don’t have a human do what a computer can.

As you can see, they are looking to ‘manage their business processes’ by removing non-value added activities and automating where they can. He believes that ‘eradicating a quarter-million emails’ is well worth the effort.

Companies never think about becoming more efficient when revenues are rolling in. Instead, they take on the task when times are tough. And, then there is no budget. Still, how will your company gain market share from their competitors as the economy improves? Now is the time to take action.

Your Thoughts…

What is your company’s strategy to become more efficient?


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