BPM – In the Beginning

From a BP Trends article – How Boeing A&T Manages Business Processes…

Starting with a Vision and a Plan

Integral to the C-17 Program’s successful deployment of not only the PBM [process based management] approach but the overall implementation of the Malcolm Baldrige criteria was the implementation of a vision that focused on improving performance and quality as well as on customer satisfaction.  As the PBM approach was developed and deployed, the Air Force customer participated jointly in the identification and management of key processes.

Boeing A&T defines PBM as follows:

Process-Based Management is a management approach that defines an organization as a collection of processes focused on customer satisfaction and waste reduction by defining measures, and stabilizing and improving processes.

My thoughts…

In my experience, I have had the best success in implementing a process management project by uncovering the client’s vision for their solution first. 

Clients [people] have expectations.  Most people have an idea of what their solution might look like.  If your solution doesn’t meet their expectations, they will not be happy.

So, start a conversation to uncover their vision for a solution.  Then you can have discussions about what is doable and what isn’t.  When you and your client have arrived at a solution vision, then you can develop the plan to deliver.

I am pleased to see a large company like Boeing taking this approach.  I am a firm believer that using this approach greatly increases the odds for success.

I wish you all Happy Holidays.

Your Thoughts…

What has been your experience?


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