BPM – Continuous Improvement

From BPM.com – ‘Continuous Improvement Loop for BPM Optimization’…

With market demands increasing and margins decreasing, businesses need a facilitator to help them maximize organizational performance.  Businesses must optimize resources and streamline processes to gain agility and efficiency and reduce costs and risks in a dynamic environment.

Therefore, they are increasingly relying on Business Process Management (BPM) to attain real-time visibility into business processes to manage their life cycle.  However, over the years, BPM implementation has become synonymous with process automation without having an end-to-end process view.  This limits the capability of a BPM solution such that intended results may not be fully realized.  It is important that organizations focus on process visibility, control and continuous improvement as key aspects for a successful BPM system.

My thoughts…

If I had to name only 2 benefits of BPM software, I would say that it provides control and visibility. 

Control – I can manage my processes on paper, but making sure steps weren’t missed is nearly impossible.  BPM software provides that control and maybe just as important, it provides visibility into my processes. 

Visibility – Using BPM software, I can see the status of any process at any time.  I don’t have to make a phone call or walk down the hall.  With the click of my mouse I can see whose desk it is sitting on – I can even see bottlenecks. 

The end-to-end process view – For all practical purposes, a company is a collection of processes.  I could create an argument that the ‘Quote to Cash’ process is the backbone and that all other processes support it.  And, how many companies have implemented their ‘Quote to Cash’ process within BPM software?  I would contend that very few have.  In spite of that, there are many companies that are enjoying the benefits of BPM software.  They have control; they have visibility into their processes; and the software allows them to make continuous improvements.

Your Thoughts…

Is your company enjoying the benefits of BPM?  Is ‘Quote to Cash’ one of the processes you are managing?


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