Defining BPM Again…

From The Real-Time Enterprise by Peter Fingar and Joe Bellini…

The term ‘BPM’ has been adopted in the marketing communications of just about every IT vendor and management consultant, as what comes after the dot-com fiasco. It seems everyone selling IT products or management consulting services has put BPM lipstick on their products and services. Even the IT and financial analysts are having a field day defining BPM to mean whatever they want it to mean.

My thoughts…

Defining BPM is still a hot topic on the website.  And as Peter & Joe point out, it’s marketing people that are defining BPM.  Their motivation is to define it in such a way that only their products will meet that definition.  Since I am a marketing guy, I can let that cat out of the bag.

However, BPM stands for business process management and you can manage your business processes without software.  Companies have been doing it for years.

When you purchase BPM software you will need to map your process into the software.  BPM software will only manage a process the way you tell it to.  So, one of your first tasks is to document your process. 

When you are confident that your process will work, then you ‘configure’ your BPM software to run the process as you documented it.

Simply put, BPM software provides control [making sure that the proper steps are followed] and visibility [see the status of a process at any moment].

Your Thoughts…

Has your company embraced BPM?


One thought on “Defining BPM Again…

  1. Great post…love the simplicity. Yes, you can manage work without software, and yes, companies have been doing it for years. I would say, though, that not using software makes mapping, storing, owning, changing and communicating business activities quite burdensome and in big companies, impossible. Companies have done a lot of things for many years that aren’t necessarily wise or efficient.

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