A BPM Vision

There has been a lot of discussion from all walks of BPM regarding the ‘As-Is’ process.  I think that horse is about dead.  I do believe that you need to know what the ‘As-Is’ process is and how it performs.

I do subscribe to the idea of having a ‘vision’ of how you would like your business to function.  What I am talking about is expectations.  If you have an expectation that cannot be met, you will not be happy with the solution.

Without a clear BPM Vision, companies can invest heavily in many improvement activities, yet fail to meet their objectives/expectations.

I have performed the analysis & design activities for a number of BPM projects.  Early on, I learned to uncover the customer’s vision for a solution. 

A large part of a BPM sale includes managing expectations.  If their expectations [vision] for a solution are not possible, you will not have a successful implementation.  During early discussions about BPM, I ask the prospect for their vision of a solution.  We would work from there to talk about what is possible and what is not.  At some point, the prospect will have altered their vision of a solution to something they are comfortable with and can actually be delivered.

Amazingly, if you deliver what the customer is expecting, you will have a happy customer. 

I can’t stress enough how important it is to manage your prospect’s expectations.  Communications plays such an important part in the success of a BPM implementation.

Your BPM project, managed properly, can bring your company some significant financial benefits.  Now is a good time to get started.

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