Business Processes

Looking through a BPM lens, a company is a collection of processes.

The ‘primary process’ centers on getting a purchase order, providing goods or service and collecting the cash.  This is often referred to as the ‘quote to cash’ process.

All of the other processes support the ‘primary process’ in some fashion.  Someone once told me that the CEO of any company is concerned about only 2 things: Cash and Everything else. 

Companies have many processes and most are not well defined, controlled or viewed. 

I see an 80/20 rule in effect here.  You can expect to get 80% of the value out of defining, controlling and viewing the 20% of the processes that are most critical.

The Takeaway

Even if your company doesn’t have budget for BPM software now, you can begin managing your processes and make them more efficient. 

Start with the 20% of your processes that will bring the most value to your company. 

Select one of the processes that has some visibility but isn’t too complex as your first project.  Then follow these basic steps:

  1. Document the process.  Identify the process steps and how tasks move from one step to another.
  2. Test your documentation by following your paper trail to make sure that is actually how your process works.
  3. Measure the process.  You need to have some way to measure success.
  4. Improve your process.  Start by simplifying – remove activities that don’t add value.  Remove obvious errors. 
  5. Measure again to see if you were successful.

What does BPM software bring to the table?  BPM software provides control and visibility.  It makes sure that you actually follow the process that you have created.  It provides visibility into that process so that you can see what’s going on.  It will provide measurable benefits.

Your Thoughts…

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