BPM Benefits

Posted by: Process Matters Blogger on Feb 20, 2012

Inefficient processes can make or break your organization’s ability to succeed. Each year organizations dish out hundreds, even millions of dollars leveraging the wrong resources to try and improve ineffective business processes.

According to Forrester Research, many organizations who have achieved significant success have shifted their BPM priorities from reducing costs to improving the customer experience and increasing value innovation. These companies see a tremendous return on investment in the form of increased competitiveness, customer growth, accelerated time to market and improved operating model flexibility.

My Thoughts…

I have heard many thought leaders talk about the importance of the ‘customer experience’ – it is nice to see that Forrester has uncovered companies that are focusing on improving their customer experience.

For me – a good example would be Amazon. I have learned that they have access to most things that I might want to purchase. It is easy to find the items, read reviews and do a single click to purchase. And if that is not enough, for a small annual fee I get free 2 day shipping. They make it so easy for me to do business with them that I seldom look elsewhere.

I have read that they have installed BPM software. From my experience, it seems they are doing it right.

If your company hasn’t considered improving their business processes, what’s holding you up? I’m sure you know that the status quo is costing your company real money.

Your Thoughts…

What are you waiting for?


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